Fabrica Carpet

Floors USA is proud to offer Fabrica Carpet for our valued customers in Vienna and throughout Northern Virginia. Fabrica is a leading carpeting brand that specializes in creating high-end luxury carpet. Fabrica has a reputation of being the highest quality of carpet available. While the price is higher than other carpets, the quality is unmatched.

One of the reasons for Fabrica’s premium price is the time it takes to manufacture the product. Fabrica has a wide selection of vibrant colors, which are made possible through a special process called Beck Dyeing. This dyeing process requires several hours to complete, and gives you the richest colors you will find in carpets, and also make your carpets less susceptible to fading.

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Fabrica goes beyond the industry standards in terms of their manufacturing process. After the carpets have been installed properly, not only will they last longer than most carpets, but they will also maintain their rich color for a longer duration of time.

If you are looking for Fabrica carpet in Vienna VA, we offer a full selection of styles and colors to fit your needs.